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Business Advisory Council

Ashtabula County Technical & Career Center Business Advisory Council

The Ashtabula County Technical & Career Center Business Advisory Council (BAC) will foster cooperation among schools, businesses, and the community in regard to the local labor market and workforce. This work ensures that education aligns with the needs of businesses. This BAC will assist in making the local education system more aware of the labor market; promote work-based learning experiences; and provide guidance in helping students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities.

Business advisory councils operate under three quality practices:

1. Develop Professional Skills for Future Careers – Work together to delineate key professional skills needed for the future job market. Develop a curriculum that instills these skills while advising on changes in the economy and job market.

2. Build Partnerships – Develop and increase collaborative relationships among businesses, labor and education personnel. Partnerships should align with in-demand industries in the region.

3. Coordinate Experiences – Create environments that allow students to demonstrate proficiency in critical professional and specialized skills that will aid in future employment.

Core Role and Core Focus: The Ashtabula County Technical & Career Center BAC focuses on three primary areas and is aligned to Ohio’s Each Child Our Future. The Ashtabula County Technical & Career Center BAC is a council of school administrators, business leaders, and local community leaders that meet quarterly to:

1. Advise local local school districts on changes in the economy and job market and the area in which future jobs are most likely to be available.

2. Advocate for the employment skills most critical to business and industry and the development of curriculum to teach these skills.

3. Aid and Support local school districts by offering suggestions for developing working relationships among businesses, labor organizations, and educators.
A-Tech is the Host of the BAC for Ashtabula County serving the following school districts:
  • Ashtabula County Technical & Career Campus (A-Tech)
  • Ashtabula Area City School District 
  • Ashtabula County Educational Service Center
  • Buckeye Local School District 
  • Conneaut Area School District 
  • Geneva Area School District 
  • Grand Valley Local School District 
  • Jefferson Area Local School District 
  • Pymatuning Valley Local School District
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