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Aspire/GED Classes

The Ashtabula County Adult Basic and Literacy Education Aspire Program

Whether you are interested in preparing for adult education or college classes, the GED® test or just want to better your math, reading or writing abilities for work or home, we are here to help with:
  • FREE day and evening classes,
  • Experienced, trained and knowledgeable instructors,
  • Community – based sites that cover the entire county,
  • Access to FREE computer-based education programs to supplement your classroom experience, as well as
  • Assistance in setting personal educational goals and staying on track

Aspire Classes

Basic Skills Classes

Aspire Instructors have the experience and knowledge to help adults who need to begin “at the beginning”, especially those who have had life-long struggles with basic reading or math.  (And if this is you, then: No…you are NOT the “only one”!)

GED® Preparation Classes

For those who are preparing for the GED test, we have ten (10) week classes to assist you to become fully prepared for the Official GED® Test.  These classes will help you to focus on the knowledge and skills needed to successfully earn your Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) Classes

Aspire offers FREE classes to help those who speak another language to learn to speak, read, write and understand English.

Estas clases gratuitas se certran en hablar, leer y escribir Inglés.

Póngase en contacto con Jenna al 440.576.5599 para obtener más información.

Adult Education and/or Preparation Classes

  • Medical Readiness
    • This ten (10) week , 30-hour class is designed to help adult students to be prepared to be successful in any health-related adult education or college program.  Topics covered include medical terminology, health-care math, anatomy, study and test-taking strategies and much more.
  • Distance Learning
    • Aspire Students can supplement their class work by being referred to and utilizing the Ohio Aspire/Board of Regents distance learning option.  Requirements include attending an Aspire Orientation and at least six (6) hours of class before being referred.  Students must also participate in at least two face-to-face classes per month.  This is a great learning option for those who work swing shifts or have family obligations that may hinder regular weekly attendance.  Students must also have home or local access to a computer and the internet, perhaps at a friend or relative’s home or at a local library or community center.
  • youth OPPORTUNITIES! (yO!)
    • The youthOPPORTUNITIES! (yO!) Program is a community-based program for young adults aged 14 to 24 who live in Ashtabula County.  The focus of the Program is to help economically-disadvantaged young people earn a diploma, gain work-experience and become successful wage-earners.  Aspire works hand-in-hand with the staff of the yO! Program to provide a quality educational opportunity for all participants.

If you would like more information on the Official GED® Test or Aspire Classes please contact Jenna Call in the A-Tech Aspire Office by…

  • E-mailing  [email protected]  Please be sure to include in the e-mail your full name, address, a phone number and your information request,
  • Calling  440.576.5599, or
  • Mailing a letter to A-Tech Aspire Program, 1565 State Route 167, Jefferson, Ohio 44047
  • Office Hours  Monday-Thursday, 8:00 AM TO 3:30 PM 

Staying on Track


With over 30 years of experience helping adults to reach their academic goals, we understand the fear that people feel in taking that first step to returning to school.  We want you to know that we don’t just understand, we do everything that we can to make the process and the learning as painless as possible.  And remember, EVERYONE in an Aspire class is in the same place that you are!


Getting started in pursuit of your educational goal may be scary for you, so we try to make it as easy as possible.  Just contact the Aspire Office to schedule yourself for an Aspire Orientation Session.  Orientations are held every 8 weeks and are designed to help you feel comfortable about returning to a classroom setting.  You’ll get more information on our learning centers and classes as well as your own learning style.  We’ll help you to develop goals that will keep you focused and provide you with information on the academic skills you need to reach those goals.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 years old or older to enroll in Aspire classes and/or take the Official GED© Test UNLESS you are officially withdrawn from school and have a letter on school letterhead verifying withdrawal.  The Aspire Office can assist you with gaining the proper documents.


Over thirty years of experience teaching adults from ages 16-90 (yes…90!) and helping them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams gives the Aspire Program a special perspective on how adults like you learn.  We ask that you commit to 8 weeks of attending classes and focusing on your educational goals.  In most cases this will be 24 classes totaling up to 72 hours of instructional time.  By the end of these 8 weeks you will have learned a great deal (especially about yourself), met some, if not all, of your educational goals, and will be able to make a good decision on your readiness to ‘take the next step’: be it GED Prep Classes, the Official GED© Test or moving on to a training program or job.


Let’s face it; we all experience pressures from all sides that can affect our ability to stay focused.  Family and work obligations often make it difficult for adults to attend classes on a regular basis, and we understand that.  That’s why we try to make it easy for you to fit your “school” work in with your “life” work.  We have a distance education option that allows you to work on “school” outside of class times and we always welcome back those who have had to delay attendance for a while.  Please contact the Aspire Office for more information on distance education.

The Test!  Are you ready? Official GED® Test

Aspire sites & Schedules
Basic Skills Classes / HSE Preparation Classes 
Kent State University 
3300 Lake Road West
Monday, Wednesday – 8am – 11am
5917 West Avenue
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 5pm – 7pm
1565 State Route 167
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 5pm – 8pm
Conneaut Library 
306 Buffalo Street
Monday, Wednesday – 12pm – 2pm
Andover Public Library 
142 W. Main Street
Tuesday, Thursday – 2pm – 4pm

Western County Court Geneva 
117 W Main Street
Tuesday, Wednesday – 9am – 12 pm
Geneva Public Library 
860 Sherman Street
Tuesday, Wednesday – 4pm – 7pm
Thursday – 1pm – 5pm
Hybrid Options are available

ESOL Classes 
Ashtabula YMCA 
263 W. Prospect Road
Tuesday, Thursday – 11:30am – 3:30pm & 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Distant Education  
Online Class 
Monday, Wednesday
2:00pm – 5:00pm & 6:00pm – 8:00pm

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