High School Education

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Power Sports & Outdoor Equipment

  • Service and repair air and water cooled engines, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, and all-terrain vehicles for maximum performance
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and overhaul 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas engines, diesel engines, and powertrain systems
  • Use the same advanced diagnostic tools and specialized equipment found in professional repair facilities

Prepared for licensure/certifications, immediate employment, and further education
Early Job Placement ~ College Credit ~ Scholarships

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10 Hour General Industry


  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Needle & Cylindrical Bearings
  • Lubricants
  • Ball Bearings
  • Hub Bearing Assemblies
  • Seals

Wix Filters

  • Technical Level
  • Expert Level
  • Master Level


  • Safety & Environmental:
  • Automotive Service Safety
  • Automotive Service Pollution Prevention 
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Technician Pollution Prevention 
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Technician Safety
  • Land That Job, Building A Resume
  • Land That Job, Interview Skills
  • Ethics & You In The Industry 
  • Time For A Team Huddle, Running A Successful Team Meeting

CT2 Available at All Ohio Post-Secondary Institutions that Offer a Similar Course

  • CTAIE001 Hydraulics & Pneumatics Systems - 2 Semester Hours 

Junior Year Courses

  • Career Technical Program: 4 High School Credits

  • English: 1 High School Credit

  • Government: 1 High School Credit

  • Math: 1 High School Credit

Senior Year Courses

  • Career Technical Program: 4 High School Credits

  • English: 1 High School Credit

  • Math: 1 High School Credit

  • Science: 1 High School Credit

Drug Free Club

Drug Free Club is a voluntary club that gives students an added reason to say “no” to drugs. By participating, students agree to random drug screens during the school year. A-Tech will also offer several perks to the students to encourage their participation. We will schedule the first drug test within the first two months of the school year. After the student takes the first drug test, they will receive a membership card from the Drug Free Club. During the rest of the school year, they may be randomly tested. To participate in the program students and their parents need to complete the membership application and turn it in to the Student Services Office.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Requirements for being inducted into the National Honor Society are outlined in the Student Handbook.


FFA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young people by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Students also have the ability to participate in various competitions that directly relate to their career-technical program at the local, district, and state levels.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are involved in tours, sophomore visits, and many other school activities on and off campus. Student Ambassadors work at various events held throughout the year.

The following are considerations for eligibility to become a Student Ambassador:

  • Good grades

  • On track for a Career-Technical Certificate

  • Outstanding Attendance

  • Recommendation from Career-Technical Instructor

  • Permission from parent or guardian

  • A friendly, outgoing attitude and be willing to participate in district events.


Youth Philanthropy Board

Youth Philanthropy Board is composed of A-Tech students who have the mission of assisting the direction of funding non-profit organizations with special projects that need monetary assistance in our community. 

With the goal of directly benefiting the people in our area, students also focus on ways to give back through service learning, expanding leadership skills, and the use of their individual talents and energy to help in this type of endeavor. The Ashtabula Foundation provides funding for the Youth Philanthropy Board to distribute to worthy community groups and organizations, who meet certain criteria on their applications as a 501 C3 non-profit. 

To be on the Youth Philanthropy Board, a student must have a recommendation from an A-Tech Instructor. Other areas that are considered when making the selections are a student’s grades, discipline, and attendance.

Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanics

Ohio Annual Salary- $36,020

Ohio Hourly Wage- $17.32

Education- High School Diploma

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul small engines used to power lawn mowers, chain saws, recreational sporting equipment, and related equipment.

Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Ohio Annual Salary- $51,940

Ohio Hourly Wage- $24.97

Education- Post-secondary Certification

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, graders, and conveyors, used in construction, logging, and mining.

Sales Manager

Ohio Annual Salary- $127,240

Ohio Hourly Wage- $61.17

Education- Bachelor’s Degree

Plan, direct, or coordinate the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer. Coordinate sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals and establish training programs for sales representatives. Analyze sales statistics gathered by staff to determine sales potential and inventory requirements and monitor the preferences of customers.

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