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Multi Media

The Multi Media program is offered to students at Conneaut, Edgewood, Jefferson, Grand Valley, and Lakeside High Schools. The curriculum includes academics and a technical education that prepares students for a career in digital design, graphic communications, and the visual arts field.

Students develop specialized skills in creating, designing, and producing digitally generated and computer-enhanced multimedia products and services that are used in business, entertainment, education, and communication industries.

Graduates of the Multi Media program are able to move on to successful high technology careers, or to pursue a post-secondary degree in Interactive Media.

Major Topics of the Multi Media Program:
  • Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Digital Imaging
  • Video Production
  • Interactive Design
  • Copyright Law
  • Writing for the Media
  • Employability Skills

College Credit Opportunities Header
CT2 Available at All Ohio Post-Secondary Institutions that Offer a Similar Course
CTIM002 - Raster Graphics - 3 Semester Hours
CTIM003 - Vector Graphics - 3 Semester Hours
CTIM004 - Internet & Web Languages - 3 Semester Hours
CTIM006 - Digital Video Production - 3 Semester Hours
CTIM008 - Electronic Publishing - 3 Semester Hours 
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